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Starting with our No Sweat Intro we work together to achieve your fitness and wellness goals inside, and outside the gym. 



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We’re glad you want to join Evolution Fitness! Lets have you meet with a coach so we can learn how to serve you best!

Day 1: You Take The First Step

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Today is the day you take action! Lets get those hands dirty and book your free no sweat intro!



Day 2: No Sweat Intro

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Meet with one of our certified coaches to discuss your needs and goals to determine the best fit for you. This 30-min individualized goal planning session is FREE of charge.


Day 3: Start Free Trial Week

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We provide 2 paths to get started: One-on-One or Group Classes. With either choice you will be paired with a Personal Coach that will guide you every step of the way.

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Day 9: Become an official member!!

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By now you have a good taste of what Evolution Fitness is all about. If it’s a good fit for you then we want to make you an official member!


Day 30: Well on your way to a healthier, happier you!

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Congratulations, you’ve been with Evolution Fitness for 30 days and it’s been eye opening. You have learned a ton! You have realized you hate assault bikes and pull-ups will probably take a long time to get good at. That is OK though, you are excited to put in the work because you are surrounded by an entire community that supports you!

Start Towards Your Day 30 Now!


Day 45: Habits are improving, and so is your quality of life!

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By now your habits are becoming routine. Going to the gym most days is “just what you do.” You have made some gym friends and are looking forward to puppy cuddles when you arrive at the gym each day. You see the benefit of putting in more effort on nutrition and recovery. Your friends outside the gym are starting to take notice of all the hard work you put in!

Start Day 1 TODAY


Day 365: 1 Year Anniversary!!

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It is your 1 year anniversary and you are in the best shape of your life! The best part is you realize that because of the person you have transformed into over the past year, this is only the beginning of how great you can become! Cheers to your first year and to many more to come!!

Start Day 1 TODAY

  • I fell in love with Evolution Fitness!

    I fell in love with Evolution Fitness because of the variety of workouts. I had a negative experience at another gym and really dreaded going to workout. E

  • EF has impacted every aspect of my life!

    After checking out EF I knew it was the gym for me. EF made me excited to get moving again! It is safe to say that EF has impacted every aspect of my life.

  • I blew away my 5k run personal records!

    Why did you join the gym?  Originally I had the goal of completing a Spartan Trifecta. Since joining I have completed 3 of them and ran in my first com

  • I have more energy and strength

     How is your life different since you joined? I have more energy and am more conscious of my nutrition choices. Working out has become something I want

  • Best functional fitness gym in all of Milwaukee area!

    Evolution Fitness is simply the best. No clicks, just fun, supportive people that you want to be around every day.

  • Coaches are awesome, community is awesome, EF is simply AWESOME!

    The coaches are awesome. They’re willing to scale workouts to your ability, and I have always left feeling like I had a great workout. The other

  • Overall fitness is higher than I ever expected!

    On the heels of a series of significant knee surgeries that kept me out for nearly 16 months, I was in the worst shape of my life. My knee was "rehabilitat

  • Progress comes with persistence!

    I joined in order to get into more of a regular workout routine which definitely has happened. I really like the consistent progress that's made in the var

  • Accomplished things I never thought possible

    I love the challenging workouts because they have taught me how to better handle stress in my life. I have accomplished things I never thought possible. It

  • Changed my life!

    Evolution Fitness has changed my life and my perspective on fitness for the last 2 years. The positivity pours out of this place, not just by the coaches,

  • I felt like part of the family since day one.

    I felt like part of the family since day one. Everyone is so supportive. Their support  pushes me to try my hardest and  to finish the workouts. The coac

  • I lost over 200lbs!

    Since joining Evolution Fitness and working with the coaches I am the healthiest I have ever been and I feel invincible! What did you achieve in your fi

  • Joining EF was the best decision

    I joined Evolution Fitness to become stronger, not only physically but mentally. As a college student taking 18 credits and being apart of this gym allowed

  • I am a lifetime member!

    EF has been amazing! I have lost over 60lbs, leaned out immensely, and best of all gained mobility so my body and do anything life throws at me! Five ye

  • Bikini Body...Check! Confidence to rock it...Double Check!!

    I joined the year I turned 40 because I wanted to be healthier and more fit as I age. I also wanted more energy and to feel better about myself.  I accomp

  • Learning correct form was huge for me!

    How is your life different since you joined? I've gained meaningful relationships that changed my habits and made going to the gym less of a chore. My o

  • I'm surrounded by like-minded people that support each other

    I enjoy working out at Evolution Fitness because I am surrounded by like-minded people who are fun to be around and supportive of each other. I really enjo

  • Lost over 150lbs!

    Anyone who wants to lose weight, build muscle, increase your self esteem and self worth and prove that you can, in fact, do things you never thought possib

  • Lost over 130lbs!

    Training at Evolution Fitness was not just a minor life changing event but a complete overhaul on my life. EF expanded my knowledge on fitness, food, suppl

  • By far the best gym

    Joining Evolution Fitness has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. I've had fitness trainers in the past but in no way do they compare to Jon. I'

  • Getting so many compliments

    Evolution Fitness prepared me for an impromptu 5k obstacle race, something I would have never attempted in my past. I'm getting so many compliments as I'm

  • Helped me reach my goals

    During my time at Evolution Fitness training, I have not only seen my body and muscles develop, but also my confidence. Evolution Fitness Training offers t

    jon s
  • Changed my life!

    EF has seriously changed my life!


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