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Select a time to meet with a coach to have a Free No Sweat Intro where we can learn about you and your goals to see if we are the right fit for you!

Don't see a time that fits your schedule? Send a text to Coach Jon at 262-331-4334 to make other arrangements.


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I Have Experience

We're glad you want to check out Evolution Fitness! Lets have you meet with a coach so we can see where you are and what you are looking to accomplish!


Scroll down to see our timeline to get you from today to the future healthier, happier you.

  • Day 1
  • Day 2
  • Day 3
  • Day 30
  • Day 45
  • Day 60
  • Day 1: You Take The First Step Image


    Day 1: You Take The First Step

    Today is the day you take action! Lets get those hands dirty and book your free no sweat intro!

  • Day 2: No Sweat Intro Image


    Day 2: No Sweat Intro

    Meet with Owner and Head Coach Jon to talk about your background, your goals, and what you are looking to accomplish to see if we can be the best fit for you. We will tour the gym and answer any questions you have. This 30-min session is FREE!

  • Day 3: Your first class Image


    Day 3: Your first class

    At your Free No Sweat Intro we will schedule your first day and show you what we plan on doing that day so you know what to expect when you come in. During your first class our coaches will work side by side you during classes to teach you how to do things safely and properly.


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  • Day 30: Well on your way to a healthier, happier you! Image


    Day 30: Well on your way to a healthier, happier you!

    Congratulations, you’ve been with Evolution Fitness for 30 days and it’s been eye opening. You have learned a ton! You have realized you hate assault bikes and pull-ups will probably take a long time to get good at. That is OK though, you are excited to put in the work because every day you have fun in class and you are surrounded by an entire community that supports you!

  • Day 45: Habits are improving, and so is your quality of life! Image


    Day 45: Habits are improving, and so is your quality of life!

    By now your habits are becoming routine. Going to the gym most days is “just what you do.” You have made some gym friends and are looking forward to puppy cuddles when you arrive at the gym each day. You see the benefit of putting in more effort on nutrition and recovery as your body is starting to change. Your friends outside the gym are starting to take notice of all the hard work you put in!

  • Day 365: 1 Year Anniversary!! Image


    Day 365: 1 Year Anniversary!!

    It is your 1 year anniversary and you are in the best shape of your life! The best part is you realize that because of the person you have transformed into over the past year, this is only the beginning of how great you can become! Cheers to your first year and to many more to come!!


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