"Bikini Body...Check! Confidence to rock it...Double Check!!"


I joined the year I turned 40 because I wanted to be healthier and more fit as I age. I also wanted more energy and to feel better about myself.  I accomplished all of these goals!  What keeps me coming back is the community, the challenge and the feeling I get after a really hard workout/doing something I didn’t think I could do. Also, it doesn’t hurt that I’m not embarrassed to wear my bikini.

What did you achieve in your first year?

When I started, I couldn’t do a single situp let alone overhead squat a PVC pipe. Now I can do them with ease, among many other things I never thought possible. My biggest realization in my first year here was that I need to take better care of myself.

What would you say to someone thinking about getting started? 

Take it slow and don’t be afraid to try.  The people at this gym really and truly want to see you succeed and are not judging what you can and cannot do!

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