"Joining EF was the best decision"


I joined Evolution Fitness to become stronger, not only physically but mentally. As a college student taking 18 credits and being apart of this gym allowed me to prioritize what is important for me. I learned how to schedule when and what time to workout to avoid excuses. Coming to the gym was my therapy and my drive.

Ever since I joined I have become a lot better at time management and understanding the feedback my body gives me. I also receive comments from peers saying “you’re looking good” but intrinsic motivation is key in order to adhere to any program. My endurance, strength and flexibility have improved. What I didn’t expect was making so many cool gym friends – everyone is so supportive.

I have only been here for about 6-7 months as of January 2020 but I learned that you can do the workout scaled and still leave drenched in sweat, a positive attitude will take you very far, and that fueling is very important. I’m proud I’m working on my squat mobility since that is the worst for me.

What would you say to someone thinking about getting started? 

Do it, don’t second guess it. It is the best decision, invest in your self and your health.

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