"I felt like part of the family since day one."


I felt like part of the family since day one. Everyone is so supportive. Their support  pushes me to try my hardest and  to finish the workouts. The coaches are knowledgeable and great motivators as well. If you need something they are always there to guide you. I just wanted to have a place I could come to workout and enjoy working out in the process. Evolution Fitness is the place.

How is your life different since you joined? 

I feel healthier overall. I have become stronger since I started.  I am doing movements I never thought I could. I feel more confident as well.

What are you most proud of accomplishing?

I have competed in my first cross fit competition. Something like this never crossed my mind. Seeing my other gym family members compete helped push me and realize, “you could do something like this. Why not try?” , and try I did, with the support of my teammates as well as the rest of my gym family.  This is an experience I will never forget. Who knows what the future holds. Another completion may be in the books down the road.

What would you say to someone thinking about getting started? 

You will not regret joining.  You will become healthier, more fit and become a part of a great family you will never forget. All you have to do is come that first day and you will not want to leave this gym family.

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