"Progress comes with persistence!"


I joined in order to get into more of a regular workout routine which definitely has happened. I really like the consistent progress that’s made in the variety of movements we do.

How is your life different since you joined?

I look forward to working out. I can’t say I was ever excited to workout when I was going to a large commercial gym or working out at home. I’ve never focused too much on my diet but with working out regularly I can feel the difference in my workouts based on how I eat. I find myself being more conscious of what I eat and taking small steps to improve my diet to where it’ll reflect in the gym.

What have you accomplished since joining?

I learned how to do hand stand push ups (which i was terrified of), double unders, and a variety¬†of lifts I’ve never done. I’ve learned how to push myself physically and mentally to where in the past I would give up a lot easier. I think I’m just overall proud of being able to enjoy fitness as I used to when I was younger and playing sports. The gym definitely¬†provides a great environment for that.

What would you say to someone thinking about getting started?

Just get started and keep at it. It’s hard at first but gets easier and in no time you’ll really enjoy going to the gym. Progress comes with persistence.

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