"I blew away my 5k run personal records!"


Why did you join the gym? 

Originally I had the goal of completing a Spartan Trifecta. Since joining I have completed 3 of them and ran in my first competitive wave this year. I also competed in the Granite Games Throwdown which was something I would never have considered when I first started.

I love the coaches and the structured classes that cover all aspects of fitness like mobility, gymnastics, strength, and cardio. All of the members are like extended family. We support each other every day to become better and have fun while doing it.

Even though I’ve been a member for years, the gym is always getting new equipment and coaches are always checking in to make sure I’m getting personal attention.

How is your life different since you started?

I’m in pretty good physical shape by now, but what stands out most these days is how much my focus on nutrition and recovery has improved. I’m also mentally stronger than ever! I always notice the day after a workout I am more confident and productive at work. I  never really loved weightlifting, but now I look forward to it knowing how it benefits my obstacle course racing and running.

What did you learn/achieve your first year?

I learned how not to be sore all the time. A foam roller is my best friend now. I learned so much about body-weight movements and how addressing physical limitations and mobility restrictions allowed me to get stronger, fitter, and improve my Spartan racing. Now during races I can pass most obstacles without any burpee penalties! I also blew away my 5k personal records! Lastly I learned which supplements and food support my body the best to help me in the gym and improve my sleep at home.

What would you say to someone thinking about getting started?

It really doesn’t matter if you are coming into the gym fit or not, the coaches will adjust your weights/workouts to meet your needs and goals. I always get a great workout. Once you get started and stay committed to showing up you will see and feel results!

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