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Adrianas success story


Started Dec 2018 years at Evolution Fitness

I fell in love with Evolution Fitness because of the variety of workouts. I had a negative experience at another gym and really dreaded going to workout. Evolution has completely changed my mindset about fitness. Now I look forward to going to the gym and...

Ambers success story


Started March 2018 years at Evolution Fitness

After checking out EF I knew it was the gym for me. EF made me excited to get moving again! It is safe to say that EF has impacted every aspect of my life. Aside from the physical progress and 55lb weight loss, I have also made many positive changes menta...

Bills success story


Started March 2016 years at Evolution Fitness

Why did you join the gym?  Originally I had the goal of completing a Spartan Trifecta. Since joining I have completed 3 of them and ran in my first competitive wave this year. I also competed in the Granite Games Throwdown which was something I would ...

Brendas success story


Started June 2016 years at Evolution Fitness

 How is your life different since you joined? I have more energy and am more conscious of my nutrition choices. Working out has become something I want to do, not something I feel I need to do.  I gained a lot more strength and muscle! What did yo...

Claires success story


Evolution Fitness is simply the best. No clicks, just fun, supportive people that you want to be around every day....

Clares success story


The coaches are awesome. They’re willing to scale workouts to your ability, and I have always left feeling like I had a great workout. The other athletes are positive & encouraging. The gym is constantly improving: equipment, layout, classes...

Dustins success story


Started in January 2019 years at Evolution Fitness

On the heels of a series of significant knee surgeries that kept me out for nearly 16 months, I was in the worst shape of my life. My knee was "rehabilitated" per the doctors, but I wasn't fit...and certainly wasn't happy with my current state. And I was ...

Jesuss success story


I joined in order to get into more of a regular workout routine which definitely has happened. I really like the consistent progress that's made in the variety of movements we do. How is your life different since you joined? I look forward to worki...

Kyles success story


I love the challenging workouts because they have taught me how to better handle stress in my life. I have accomplished things I never thought possible. It made me realize how much of a priority I want to make fitness and healthy living. EF has also given...

Lindas success story


Evolution Fitness has changed my life and my perspective on fitness for the last 2 years. The positivity pours out of this place, not just by the coaches, but also by all of the amazing members/friends. In these two years here, I have gained confidence, s...

Lisas success story


Started in 2016 years at Evolution Fitness

I felt like part of the family since day one. Everyone is so supportive. Their support  pushes me to try my hardest and  to finish the workouts. The coaches are knowledgeable and great motivators as well. If you need something they are always there to g...

Marges success story


Since joining Evolution Fitness and working with the coaches I am the healthiest I have ever been and I feel invincible! What did you achieve in your first year? I lost quite a bit of weight, and discovered new insight into nutrition. I gained a new...