Jon Hubbard

Head Coach/Owner/Overall Good Dude
Jon Hubbard


  • CrossFit-L2
  • CrossFit Gymnastics
  • Precision Nutrition Level 2
  • Affiliate Excellence Seminar
  • Attitude Nation Level 1 Weightlifting Seminar


  • UW-Milwaukee 2009
  • -B.S. Kinesiology
  • -Minor in Nutrition
  • Precision Nutrition 2017
  • -1 Year Mentorship


Belief #1: I always believed that fitness should be fun! When I was initially starting Evolution Fitness I imagined a gym that was a giant playground. Going on 7 years since then fun is still a priority every day!

Belief #2: Improving your physical abilities will positively impact every other aspect of your life. When I started lifting weights at the age of 17 in my dad’s basement over time I saw my body change and it developed me into the man I am today. My confidence grew, my ability to set goals and develop a plan to achieve them strengthened, over time I noticed I approached life different because I felt like I was capable of accomplishing anything I set my mind to. The gym is the best tool I know that allows me to share this ability to radically transform your life with our members every single day!

Belief #3: I believe that consistency is the key to achieving your dreams. No quick-fixes, no magic bullets. The sooner you stop chasing instant results and accept the fact you can do anything you want if you are willing to work for it the happier you will be. Happiness isn’t a destination, its a choice you make every day. How you interact with the world is your choice. Own your choices, own your actions, own your life. Do this and you can create the life you want!


Fun Fact #1?
I used to have a cat named "Muscles""
Fun Fact #2?
I'm deathly afraid of snakes.
Fun Fact #3?
I've been hit by cars at 2 different times in my life.

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